Sunday ∗ 11 Dec 2011

when pop pervades

which is not to say that nothing else is happening in nation, as it is to say that sometimes what happens in popular culture is what pervades our everyday, a measure of how TV and social media bombardment sometimes takes over, and we can barely even catch up, or prepare for it.

the piolo predicament hit a record number of shares for gmanewsonline, but they’ve lost the numbers and it started from scratch again. it hit 90k shares before they lost it, a crazy number really. to even think of that many people reading it and thinking to share it, i don’t even care if they agreed. happy enough that people are reading.

the unravelling of rhian and mo‘s being read too, which is interesting and heartening: in my dream of a world this is the kind of thing we can talk about seriously, without judgments or someone invoking moral high ground, but ah, maybe that remains a dream.

of course the pieces on the Manila Intl Lit Fest 2011, and the Towns and Cities heritage conference were written at around the same time as the two above, and have gotten a low number of shares if we are comparing them at all. but the lit fest one hit over a thousand before the numbers got messed up again, and well, the heritage conference has been at just 200. as my Kuya says: so sad.

and then you know, no one comments on a blog entry on cultural worker and activist Ericson Acosta’s hunger strike.

the breadth and scope of the crisis in arts and culture right here.

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