Sunday ∗ 15 Jun 2008

when judy ann and meralco fail to mix

What has Judy Ann done wrong by speaking for Meralco? She has, after all, sold practically everything.

Simply said, it is the fact that the truth she sells in the hotly contested ad is unlike any of the truths she declares in her other endorsements. In selling vinegar or ginisa mix, feminine wash and shampoo, laundry detergents and plastic ware, beer and diet pills, one can suspend belief and say, yes, those products may have worked for her, if not necessarily for others.

In selling the premise that Meralco has done no wrong to its consumers, that it only follows the law, and has in fact desisted from raising certain other charges through the years, there is little room for suspension of disbelief, no possibility of this being true for her but not for the rest of the populace. Everyone pays the same electric bill.

Maybe Judy Ann should rethink this campaign because she is, in fact, trying to sway public opinion about a highly-contested political matter, by using her credibility as an ordinary citizen who’s supposedly seeing the truth in her electric bill.

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