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third world tech conundrum: or where do old printers go to die?

where do old tech stuff go to die?

i’ve been meaning to get a new printer, seeing as there are new Canon printers that cost about as much as it would to buy a new set of inks for my current printer. the old Canon printer has had better years. still works though, with more noise than usual, and slower than it used to. but the cost of the inks takes the cake. close to P3,000 bucks is just way too much isn’t it?

then there is this: buying a new Canon printer would mean the problem of where to put this old printer, how to dispose of it. there’s also the guilt of wastage, of throwing it in the trash when one imagines that elsewhere in the third world this might remain usable? but then again, the expensive inks.

i had emailed Canon Philippines, wondering if there was some discount they would give to long-time consumers who might want to swap their old Canon printers to buy new ones. i was told that they don’t offer this as option for consumers, no matter that they have this whole Canon Green Campaign. the international Canon campaign even declares “recycling today for a better tomorrow.”

they might start by facilitating a way for long-time consumers to swap old printers with new ones, and bring those old printers to places that might still use these? or you know, i would trust that any company that declares itself green and environmental would have a way of reusing and recycling their old products. i’d give them this old printer for free, if knew they’d recycle it.

it might do them well to know too that this is even more important for third world consumers who don’t want to add to the plastic and non-biodegradables that will surely just end up in the every garbage dump if not the sea.

sigh. excuse the third world writer problem. now on to regular programming.

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