Tuesday ∗ 23 Nov 2010

the street of my childhood

is victory avenue, quezon city. where a big house still is, owned by family but barely, a space i haven’t seen in years, a street i haven’t even gone into in as long.

but on that street where i grew up, my notion(s) of the world began to be formed. between the padlocked gate, and the poverty beyond it; the old beetle that we played around and not within, and the huge garden that Lola loved; between the death of a rock star and my own cousin found hit and almost dead by one of our trusted impoverished neighbors beyond that padlocked gate; between who we were there, within family and the strangest kind of love, and what we became when we left, with all our things, a time that i remember clearly.

i would later find out that in fact the move was about the daring to strike out elsewhere, on our own as a nuclear family.

seeing this street of my childhood as i was getting P200 pesos worth of gas, because that’s all my wallet had; coming from many things and emotions of the past two years, but literally from five hours of volunteer work in a public school in one of those streets i will forget soon enough; worrying periodically about money and consistently refusing to worry; with much love, too much in fact, for the world; in between celebrating a birth and a death in the three and a half months of every year since 2008.

this street, a full two decades after, has to be serendipitous.

as it is a challenge, showing me what i want, what i need to do, where i must go, and how it shall be done. as it is about the past, even more so about the future. and the now of knowing to see the possibilities of daring.

that street is exactly where i’m at.

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  1. Noel
    November 23, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Let’s not forget that that street and community hailed one of our own as ‘queen’ during a barangay festival.

  2. ina
    November 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    mygad, sino sino ang naging queen ng barangay festival? si Te Etch? si Tij? ohmygad, i must have been too young to remember.

    i remember though that Te Etch, Kuya Nicks, and Kuya Mark played volleyball for the barangay. naks.

  3. ATE
    November 24, 2010 at 12:31 am

    Nice to dream of keeping the property and converting what was home to some of us (me for 22 years) to a complex of 5 single detached units for the the Angkan ni Nick & Nena but of course I am just dreaming.. Malay mo pag nanalo ako sa LOTTO…

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