Tuesday ∗ 10 Feb 2015

the President’s confidence level: the Mamasapano clash

sometimes one becomes unclear about whether or not the presidential spokespersons are actually on the President’s side, painting as they do some of the more unstable images of PNoy.

with regard the question of the President seeking and listening to advice of a suspended official like ex-PNP Chief Alan Purisima, for something as critical as the Mamasapano operation at a time of peace negotiations with the MILF, Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda is quoted to have said:

“No law prohibits the President from exercising his discretion to get the views of a suspended official on a particular matter, if this would raise the confidence level of the President’s executive decision-making,” Lacierda told reporters. 

that the President’s confidence in making decisions is equated with his receiving advice or hearing the views of anyone at all, paints a picture of him as someone who has no individual or independent stance on the affairs of the State. it’s like needing back up, or making sure there will be resbak, someone to blame maybe? for decisions he might make?

it also begs the question: who else did he speak to with regards the Mamasapano operation? if the President needs to hear various views and opinions in order to make a decision, should he not have spoken to the members of the peace panel? his Interior Secretary? his Defense Secretary? in relation to such a large-scale operation that sought to capture or kill two internationally-wanted terrorists?  wouldn’t that have made him even more confident in making this particular decision that has since killed 44 SAF officers, MILF fighters, and Maguindanao civilians?

it would be interesting to find out whose advice carried the most weight for the President. or maybe the better question: whose interests was he actually looking out for?

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