Tuesday ∗ 02 Sep 2014

thank you!

This blog was a finalist for the Lasallian Scholarum Awards this year, and I couldn’t be happier. We didn’t win the award but the greatness of being finalist is enough when one considers that the standard practice in this country is that you practically have to nominate your blog for awards, and then campaign to win anything. I sent my best girls Keisha Uy and Alessi Vilches to the awarding as I had my September 1 tied to a friend’s journey, but I’m still over the moon about this. Thank you thank you Lasallian Scholarum Awards! Thank you for acknowledging my work as an independent writer and critic, which is bound to the freedoms that radikalchick.com affords me. Here’s hoping this encourages more people to write about nation without fear. Cheers!scholarum

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