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Thursday ∗ 12 May 2011

Cebu, Still

Provincial hustle and bustle are redefined in a space that takes pride in its religiosity. In the province of Cebu, on an otherwise regular weekend, there was nothing special to celebrate. Other than stillness, the kind that’s about being anchored in faith that you might not practice a whole lot of, but which in this space is a ride you’re in by default. After all, where religion is part of history and hysteria, rhyme and reason, the irrational and rational, it… Continue reading »

Sunday ∗ 24 Apr 2011

popularizing the way

very few things survive the stretch of Bonifacio High Street, save for tents selling real estate. after all there’s “public art” here, ones that don’t change and are mostly closely guarded: a two dimensional mickey mouse here, an unconventional slide there, an inverted fountain further down. in this context, art of any form, installations of any other kind, would just seem out of place. but the way of the cross as reconsidered and reconfigured by Church Simplified succeeds in this space,… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 20 Apr 2011

jesus as pepe smith as rakenrol

Baffling is the tiny art space that is 20 Square in SLab at Silverlens Gallery (Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City). Sometimes it’s but an extension of the rest of the works in SLab; most other times that I’ve been there, it’s a measure of artists’ creativity in smaller works, something that I imagine is about discipline and control. And then at other times, I am surprised and want to live in 20 Square. Dex Fernandez’sm/ made me want to do exactly that.… Continue reading »

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