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Tuesday ∗ 29 May 2012

convicted #cjtrial

two things: (1) so PNoy can get those votes in Congress, he can rock it with the Senators, when he wants something done. (2) so sensationalist and unapologetic media can get away with being exactly those two things because they are on the side of “public opinion.” #thestateofaffairstoo

Thursday ∗ 28 Oct 2010

wa’ epek si juana change, or why the RH Bill doesn’t need this

But here being the most important point: the recent Juana Change video Mga Anak ng Diyos is just disappointing. For the most part, it barely gets a discussion going on the truths about the RH Bill versus the lies that are spread about it, nor does it bring the discussion to a level that’s more intelligent as it seems to just be screaming in our faces the whole time. Here, there isn’t a sense of how the RH Bill is NOT about being… Continue reading »

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