Tuesday ∗ 29 Mar 2016

Social / media bias #Eleksyon2016

If I were the Liberal Party, I’d be congratulating myself. After five years they have successfully dumbed down public discourse, selling us the true, the good, the beautiful about matuwid­ na­ daan, making us believe that it is all we need, handling criticism and crises via spin, always using notions of anti­corruption and transparency to respond to anything at all.

Pick any instance at all when this government messed things up, made the wrong decisions, sacrificed public good for government savings or credit ratings, for big business or foreign investment; pick the tragedy that was Typhoon Haiyan, or the failure that is our transport system, from dangerous trains to congested airports and over­crowded roads; pick the decision to build inhumane houses for storm survivors, the refusal to speak with families of those who died and were injured at the Luneta hostage­ taking, the insistence on handling tragedies like Mamasapano with little sensitivity or compassion; pick the silence on the displacement and killings of the Lumad, the loss of their ancestral lands to mining and big plantation projects; pick the conversation about the Zamboanga siege.

Pick the various instances in which the government revealed its burgis slip and refused to act on a tragedy of the poor.

All of these were in the news for a while, but none long enough to be resolved. No one stays long enough on one issue anymore, as if media is ill­equipped, undermanned, or uninspired, to stick to a story and see it through to a resolution. As with social media, everything is dealt with quickly, easily overshadowed by the next story that will trend or make headlines.

To imagine that this is not being controlled by one entity or two, to imagine that there is no money being spent on making sure that issues and tragedies and major events are spun until they are forgotten and deemed unimportant, is to be naïve.

To think we are not complicit in this exercise of forgetting is just foolish.

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