Sunday ∗ 21 Apr 2013

so Kris pays her taxes

which is to say what exactly? that she is honest about her earnings?

well you see, she has no choice but to be honest, seeing as she likes to display her wealth, talking about it on TV, mentioning it in her interviews, if not using it for the pages of her very own magazine.

if you were Kris Aquino, you would have no choice but to pay your taxes. you display your wealth like that, you earn from your life in this way, and you have no choice.

in fact it is a sad state of affairs when we want to pat someone like Kris on the back for doing the right thing. even sadder when we think that just because a 2011 list comes out, that we then forgive her everything — everything — that she’s done.

which is not to treat us to front row seats to her love affairs and scandals, but to create Pinay consumption like she’s talking to millionaires. for someone who likes to speak of giving joy to the masses, Kris sure makes us all believe that happiness is equal to consumerism and fakery. that she uses her personal life to sell product after product, politician after politician, is her shamelessness.

and i can hear Kris’ PR people wanting to spin this all its worth: at least she’s not corrupt, at least she pays her taxes, at least she’s truthful and transparent.

yes, but towards what end? towards earning from this position that is premised on the personal, something that was — and still is — given her because precisely of the fact that she is also very very political.

that she pretends otherwise, that she uses this pretense to further her own interests, as well as her family’s and her social class, is the worst disservice that Kris does to nation.

that she pays her taxes shouldn’t mean being less critical of Kris. neither should it mean forgiving her her shamelessness. certainly nation and its poverties, the landscape she earns from, deserves more than paid taxes from this self-proclaimed queen of all-media.

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