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We’ve always known Kris Aquino to be shameless.

And no, to me this didn’t start with her wanting to join show business, neither was it about the fact that her mother’s presidency was riddled with her love affairs with “wrong” men, with a couple even fighting it out in Malacañang, no less.

To me, the shamelessness began in 2003, September to be exact, when Yes Magazine featured this ex-presidential daughter as nothing but her clothes, her make-up, as nothing but her body and her looks. “Kris Aquino: love lipstick & liposuction” (34-47) was a grand display of superficiality and shallowness, where she talked about having the Belo Medical Group remove half a liter of fat from her puson, and a breast augmentation from 36A to 36B: “Yung cup lang ang nag-change,” Kris (then 35) said with pride, it would seem.

She would also display her wardrobe, her expensive imported jeans, her perfumes and jewelry, and speak as if these are the most important things to have, as if these are the brands that we should buy, too, no matter how expensive. At this time Kris was also already selling a whitening papaya soap even as, since the time she entered public consciousness, she’s always had white skin.

This was the kick-off to the kind of consumerism that’s become part of the narrative of Kris’ career. And yes we complain about how she has made a killing out of using her personal life to keep relevant, from one scandal after another, but do you know how far she has taken this? Or just how bad it has gotten? And how ultimately she’s been able to use the personal to further the cause of the unthinking consumption of products that do nothing but raise other women’s needs?

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