Wednesday ∗ 22 Jul 2015

Parental guidance #OhNoGracePoe

Because apparently in order to run a nation, what is most important is who our parents are and how they brought us up. Apparently, the good that the parents stand for is necessarily the son’s and the daughter’s. Never mind that we are all more complex than that, and apparently for Grace Poe, never mind that so often throughout PNoy’s administration (and across Kris Aquino’s career), it has been said that his parents must be turning in their graves.

And certainly if she read a little more, she would realize that this rhetoric is already what PNoy used to win an election and stay in power. And I’m not just saying that we should learn from the mishap that was his presidency. I’m fervently hoping that in 2016 we prove that we see how both Poe and Aquino are hewed from the same bourgeois cloth, entitlements included.

POe (2)


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