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online journalism fail 3: the “i-was-first!” syndrome

this is not the first time that purported “new media” proves that it doesn’t know to use the internet. no wait, it doesn’t know to read, full stop. in many instances in the past, rappler would publish essays and articles as if they are the first to write about issues, not even forcing its writers to revise based on what’s already been said.

for opinion articles, it’s easy to let it pass: after all, the bigger picture will reveal just how late in the day rappler came into the picture and had an opinion. after all, the internet does make it easy to look at time stamps — the better to prove who first talked about an issue, and who’s just repeating what’s already been said.

but for news articles?


and to use that as a headline pa.

this, even as there is no proof really that that single incident made the cop cry. this, even as the cop himself has talked about why he cried exactly:

“Sa gutom at pagod. Walang tulog. Walang pahinga. Dalawang araw na kami naka-deploy dito. Tapos ganito, nagkakagulo.”

it has also since been revealed that the cop had applied for a leave of absence, but it was delayed because of the SONA. yet another reason to cry.

internet research lang ang katapat hindi ba?

unless of course the point was to paint the (foreign) activist as a mean person who made a Pinoy policeman cry? must we thank heavens that at least rappler didn’t call him a communist as it has irresponsibly redbaited other activists?

who knows. apparently being “new media” never means having to say you’re sorry. but hey, what about correcting oneself when you make mistakes?

but wait, rappler never makes mistakes.

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