Sunday ∗ 18 Dec 2011

nasaan ang pag-asa?

this timeline via typhoonk shows how Sendong was being monitored a full week, since december 9, as a potential storm that at some point was considered part of “hurricane season.” PAGASA announces that a storm was headed our way on december 15, at 5pm, with nary a warning of how dangerous it would be. the storm hit Mindanao the following day, the 16th, and as predicted through CDO and Iligan in the middle of the night.

How can a typhoon that has been under observation by NOAA for almost a week, has kept pretty much to its forecast track, has made landfall 12 hours before, and has been travelling across Mindanao and the Visayas, take anyone BY SURPRISE?

and yes, we help, it is what we must do at this point. but also we must demand that someone take responsibility. someone has to.

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