Thursday ∗ 16 Oct 2014

Justice for Jennifer

But first we decide not to be confused about the fact of this death.

Because media is truly messing it up, even with just getting Jennifer’s name right, as they refuse to call her by the name that she identifies herself with, insisting on calling her by her birth name Jeffrey. Worse, many put Jennifer in quotes, or say Jeffrey Laude alias Jennifer, which already layers her name with the idea of deception.

Because Jennifer is transgender, a trans woman. Woman being the operative term, and common sense tells us that she is a “she” and nothing else. There is no reason to be confused. Of course, media will be its hardheaded heartless unthinking self, and refuse to identify Jennifer as she identified herself.

But it can only get worse. As of Monday night investigators were looking at two possible motives. One, that the American had found out Jennifer was transgender, and so he killed her. Two, that Jennifer had tried to steal from the foreigner, and so he killed her. Tuesday news reports confirm that there were two used condoms in the trash can in the comfort room, which for the local police must mean the first motive is improbable. That of course leaves us with number two.

The picture that either motive paints, of course, is one that puts into question Jennifer and justifies her murder in the process. She deceived the foreigner, so he killed her. She tried to steal from him, so he killed her.

So he killed her. So the American killed the Filipina. So one American soldier killed one Jennifer Laude.

The rest is here.

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