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Identity crisis #Eleksyon2016

Between the wrong use of the word CHAROT by the Presidential spokesperson Erwin Lacierda, and Liberal Party’s Mar Roxas and wife Korina appearing at a gay power concert; between UNA’s Jejomar Binay having one too many spokespersons (Tiangco, Remulla, Salceda, Ilagan — talbog ang three-headed monster that is PNoy’s communications offices), and the consistent inability to handle criticism and media spin better; things are getting more and more confused and confusing, two candidates into the 2016 Presidential elections. 

But what confuses me even more is who’s speaking for whom and why, and whether or not Binay and Roxas are really two different politicians, or two sides of the same coin.

Because on the one hand critics call out the VP for saluting the SAF 44 in his True State of the Nation Address, saying it was in bad taste and was mere panggagamit. On the other, the DILG Secretary’s been traveling the country, going about his work as DILG Secretary, complete with saluting some fallen firemen yesterday.

That sounds like the same banana to me, one just got more mileage than the other, one just decided to be critical of matuwid na daan, while another has decided to be the next matuwid na daan. 

Both of them though have much explaining to do — in the same way that the President himself has left tons of questions unanswered. And to me, having Roxas go around as DILG Secretary is the worst decision ever, because it is now clear that he is using government funds (DILG) when he goes around on what can only be his campaign trail.

And then there’s this: they’ve also been using the Official Gazette as site and space for campaign photos and such.


Puwede naman sigurong iba ang litratong ilagay hindi ba?

And when Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda traded barbs with UNA’s spokespersons, one gets even more confused: is Lacierda also spokesperson for the Liberal Party? Responding to UNA’s assertion that the Liberal Party wants to stay in power far longer than it should, Lacierda said:

“In short, we want democracy to flourish; we do not want ‘one to sawa’ or ‘unli power’ and we certainly do not want VP Binay to be the next president.”

Who is the “we” here, and why is Lacierda speaking for “them”?

Is Lacierda Presidential spokesperson? LP spokesperson? Matuwid na daan PR guy? Roxas spin doctor?

Is Roxas DILG Secretary? Presidential candidate 2016? Binay with more credibility?

Are Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda running this campaign, at the core of which is the belief that mileage is all you need, no matter how shameless and embarassing? Certainly there is nothing more shameless than those in Malacañang who are using the Palace’s resources and people to campaign for one candidate or other?

Y’all should resign, guys. But more importantly: y’all should admit you are exactly like the enemy you’re all so afraid of.

Yes, it is the pot calling the kettle black. No pun intended.

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