Saturday ∗ 01 Nov 2014

Guiuan, Eastern Samar

when I was doing at the height of Yolanda / Haiyan last year, one indication I had that things were really bad was the number of phone calls and pleas for help that we received through the site. this was when there was a news blackout about the aftermath of the storm, and very little was getting through to Manila. relatives had started getting in touch with the site to tell us about the last time they had contact with family from Eastern Samar and Leyte, and what they found out before communication lines died. for Guiuan in particular, the news was grim, the first images were of communities by its shoreline had been reduced to ground zero, how Haiyan’s winds and the storm surge had practically taken whole barangays with it.

a year since, this is what I saw of Guiuan in October. it does not capture the anger that is here, and the pain. ruins do not say much.

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