Tuesday ∗ 03 Jan 2012

grace in the land of Pinoy film

(in the midst of all this talk about Pinoy films, indie and otherwise, from people who haven’t given it a chance in a long time, and are ready to dismiss it anyway.)

here: listen to this Pinoy indie film director talk about his film Graceland, with quite the interesting plot of a kidnapping layered with class division and struggle, with an unabashed social realism made different by a merging of the film and the docu, of the fictional and the truth, and ultimately just the real. this doesn’t seem to be about the dregs of society, as it is about the underbelly of society — the poor and rich and illegal and corrupt of it — that’s dredged up and revealed for what it is: a victimization of those with less as a matter of course.

and then there’s this beautiful prayer from the trailer:

na kami’y maglakbay sa harap mo / tulad ng aming mga ninuno / ibaling mo sa’min ang iyong paningin / upang kami’y iyong magabayan / mula ngayon hanggang sa aming pagpanaw.

do vote for Graceland as project of the day/week of indieWire (which is a rockin’ project, too, actually), so it gets the support it needs for post-production and we can all watch it in full. we’ve got only until 1AM january 4. that’s two hours. but heck that’s a lot of clicks when you think about it. 

it’s a chance to vote for the Pinoy indie, literally.

and then let’s talk about the Pinoy indie (and commercial) film at length, shall we?

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