Saturday ∗ 04 Apr 2015

Game over

To the Ateneo student who continues to harass me about the P50-peso class fund from seven years ago.

I’ve already explained to the best of my recollection where that class fund goes. If you tell me who you are maybe I can explain better what your class required as far as funds are concerned. But now that I know that your classroom allowed me to do powerpoint presentations, then do find out how much it cost to do those presentations, inclusive of internet fees, electrical bills, and use of my personal computer for those lectures. Contrary to what you might think, Ateneo does not pay for any of that, nor do our salaries cover those additional expenses to be a teacher.

That class fund of P50 pesos for the semester, which would mean P100 pesos for a whole school year of Literature classes, covers all that plus readings, worksheets, handouts, collaterals. If you don’t remember getting enough, then do put together that computation and tell me what you’d like to do then.

Know that if I was made aware of any discrepancies at that time, if anyone had complained about any irregularities, that it would have been dealt with accordingly. I’d really rather not blame anyone at this point for what you feel is an injustice. But that injustice would’ve been better raised and dealt with then, not seven years hence when there is no way of figuring out what went wrong with the system.

You could’ve emailed me privately, but you’ve chosen to do this publicly, making accusations that are slanderous. I had hoped you would realize that my not publishing your comments protected you from lawyers who will tell you that this is criminal.

I’ve engaged and taken the time to respond to this because I could. That’s no longer the case. Do what you feel you must, but not on this blog.

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