Sunday ∗ 11 Dec 2011

for Dr. Margie Holmes, an apology

Dear Tita Marge,

This is in light of what has turned out to be bigger than the kind reprimand that you gave me re the Rhian and Mo piece. I apologize that my response was such, but I had taken my cue from you as you kept saying it was a minor thing, both in the private message you sent me and the one on your Facebook wall.

This edit was sent to my editor right after I read your reprimand.

As it is a weekend, I’m sure the edit will happen tomorrow.

I believe there has been a misinterpretation of that section of the piece.

Dr. Margie Holmes asks on Facebook: why weren’t they careful? We are after all living in a time when there seems to be no excuse for accidental pregnancies, a time when information might easily be had about birth control. But that is not tru

All I had wrongly attributed to you, as I say “asks” is that question. The statement after it, as this was not a question, I did not mean to attribute to you in any way. If this was not clear, then I apologize for that as well.

Certainly there was no malice in any of this as I was writing this piece, nor was there intent to “sully your reputation” or put your credibility into question.

This formal apology would have been written earlier were I not put under the impression that you were scolding me about a “slight tampo” and that I could respond with the same kind of familiarity that I reserve for very few people who go way back with Angela. If that was my own fault at interpreting the situation, then I apologize for that as well.


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