Tuesday ∗ 07 Sep 2010

fete dela musique, elsewhere

You were dancing to music you couldn’t understand at all, but isn’t that what music should be able to do? You were there with a boy you barely knew now, but whose life seemed intertwined with yours. He says this is the real fete de la musique, and you smile. Here? In this park? It’s practically empty.

Cue memory number 1: crowds at El Pueblo in Ortigas, to the sound of music overlapping with each other, sweat sweat sweat the name of the game, knowing who’s with the band the rule not the exception. This may be free you think, but there sure ain’t a lot of freedom here.

Bastions Park, in Geneve, Switzerland, seemed to be all about freedom. It wasn’t cordoned off in any way, and without streamers announcing the event or tarpaulins with sponsors and advertisements, it was farthest from your sense of what a commercial event should look like. Make thatcommercialized event. Because as it turns out, elsewhere in the world, closer to France where the fete de la musique began, freedoms are about the lack of capitalist intent.

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