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Enrile’s memoir, and defamation

on pages 648 to 650 of Juan Ponce Enrile, A Memoir (2012) Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (and his editor Nelson Navarro and publisher ABS-CBN Publishing) falsely accuse my mother Angela Stuart-Santiago of writing “unpardonable falsehood” that was “meant intentionally and maliciously to tarnish <Enrile’s> name and <his> role in the 1986 EDSA Revolution. <Stuart-Santiago’s book> intended to portray me as a disresputable, despicable and a double-crosser.” <bad english not mine> (page 649).

does this count as defamation and libel? because it would do the good Senate President well to look at that Stuart-Santiago book again. its title is 1986: A Chronology of a Revolution (1996, published by the Foundation of Worldwide People Power Inc.), and all the quotes that he cites as falsehoods DID NOT COME from my mother, but from these two sources:

The Marcos Dynasty by Sterling Seagrave, investigative reporter in the Far East, tells the inside story behind the corruption of the Marcoses, which involved American busienss, organized crime, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon, and the White House. (Harper and Row, New York. 1988).

Ferdinand E. Marcos: Malacañang to Makiki by AFP Col. Arturo C. Aruiza, military aide of Marcos for 21 years, is the first book from the loyalist camp since EDSA. It details Marcos’s last days in Malacañang Palace, the flight via Clark, and his exile and death in Hawaii. (ACA Enterprises, Quezon City. 1991).

wow ABS-CBN Publishing, you can do better than publishing a book that you didn’t even double-check the sources of. and that goes for you as well editor Nelson Navarro.

my mother has been writing about EDSA 1986, in books and essays, since 1986. and let’s say ruining her name is something the Senate President wants to do, because well he can, how can an editor and these publishers not make sure he does it well? 

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