Sunday ∗ 19 Apr 2015

download NOW #HiMaamSir #IWBTSBNQTS

You’ve got until midnight tonight (Sunday) to download “It Will Be The Same But Not Quite The Same” for free over here. —…/adam_david_-_IWBTSBNQTS_-_single…

And to play with HiMaamSir. —

Very sad and dismayed and angry that these sites will be going down by the end of today, because of the use of the law (and lawyers!) without consideration for appropriation, transformation, and derivative work, not to mention critical-creative engagement. These are sad times for Philippine literature, when a publishing house like Anvil and editors like Noelle de Jesus and Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta cannot see beyond the terms “copyright infringement,” will not even engage in a discussion about it, and instead demand that we do not see this site and PDF anymore.

Which also makes me wonder: how can we continue discourse on the case of Fast Food Fiction Delivery versus It Will Be The Same But Not Quite The Same and HiMaamSir if the first reaction is to demand that the sites be taken down?

This is silencing and oppression like no other, because also: don’t we have better things to do than to pick on works that very few even knew about, while the book that it critiques is on the shelves of every bookstore in the country?

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