Monday ∗ 22 Jun 2015

Don’t make pakialam my hashtag!*

“This is why Kris Aquino’s tirade against an Instagram follower was utterly surprising; I also can’t believe how media tended to side with her on this one. <…> This is the same woman who has spent much of her TV career “making pakialam” people’s lives via intrusive questions in talk shows. The same woman who “makes pakialam” people’s lives for a living, as she endorses every product imaginable and tells the public: this product is what YOU need in your life!

“This is the same woman who was oversharing before social media, the talentless sushal heredera that pre-dates Paris Hilton and the Kardashians. This is a woman who has built a career on her personal life, including invoking her lineage, using her hacienda, having her (ex)husband and sons with her for product endorsements.

“How hilarious that she thinks we don’t have a right to make pakialam her personal life, since she has always made kuwento about it.”

Read the rest of it over at The Manila Times!

*There’s a line that should read: social media capital of Asia.

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