Friday ∗ 28 Mar 2014

dear UP Manila,

one hopes for some kindness.

four UP Manila students will be appealing their case to the Board of Regents today, March 28. this past semester, all four went to all the classes they registered in, they were accepted by their teachers, and they fulfilled requirements. this past semester, they aimed for graduation and went through their thesis classes.

they did so despite the fact that they could not and did not pay their tuition fees on time. they went to school, did the work, no matter the financial problems that befell their families. they forged through and hoped that soon enough, there would be money to pay for tuition. they did the work, regardless.

but UP Manila admin has refused to let these four students pay their tuition fees. as far as they are concerned, because these four did not pay their tuition fees on time, they are technically not registered students of the University. as such, these four students who have put in the work this semester, no matter the personal struggles and difficulties, are not being considered as students of the University only and ultimately because they did not have the money to pay for tuition.

and now that they do have the money and they do want to pay, and with their own Department supporting their cause and wanting all four to graduate, the UP Manila admin refuses on the basis of rules and the fear of setting a precedent.

but what are rules when you are faced with four students who have proven that no matter how difficult it is, no matter parents who have lost their jobs and who have fallen sick, no matter poverty, they will put in the work as students of the University?

what exactly are we setting a precedent for if we let these kids graduate? what precedent other than kindness?

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