Wednesday ∗ 16 Jan 2013

dear NBDB,

in light of your website being hacked,  Andrea Pasion-Flores has said:

“We are an agency that promotes books, instruments of expression. I cannot express enough how much we value the act of expression. Now I have to redirect public funds to fix this problem. It delays the announcements we have to make, such as a fabulous subsidy grant to a regional conference I wanted to tell you about soonest. I guess you’ll just have to watch the NBDB’s FB space instead of going to our website. :)”

she misses the point entirely. if your government office is for freedom of expression, then it is its responsibility to every other freedom-loving-Pinoy to make a public statement against the Cybercrime Law. and no, it doesn’t matter if Pasion-Flores herself has an FB photo that is in protest of this bill. what matters is the stand that this government office is taking in light of this threat to freedom of expression.

if the NBDB is for free speech, and is therefore against the Cybercrime Law, then there is no better time than the present to tell us all exactly that. imagine how fantastic it would be to find that the gov’t organization that is about books and literature and writing actually has the balls to take a stand against the PNoy government.

so. might we expect a public statement ASAP? what say you?

from me,
who apparently still has hope for
your future as an engaged and
creative gov’t office.

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