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dear Harvey Keh

This is in response to Mr. Harvey Keh, who asked “Why blame President Noynoy Aquino?” An essay which begins by praising the Million People March of August 26 for having “a good turnout” and disses “several groups that are planning to hold another protest rally this coming September 11.”

Mr. Keh says he received “some messages” about this rally, which he is obviously critical of, especially since according to him “many of those who went to Luneta now have second thoughts of going since there are now rumors circulating that the planned rally in EDSA may suddenly be turned into an Anti-President Noynoy Aquino rally.”

Were Mr. Keh at the EDSA Tayo Facebook pages, he would find that there are about five individuals who are organizers of the event instead of “several groups,” just as there is no plan to “form a human chain.” He would also find that it has since revised its call (from protesting the rampant graft and corruption in the use of the pork barrel) to the abolition of all pork barrel, including PNoy’s, which is not unlike the call of the August 26 Million People March.Sometimes research is all it takes.

Ah, but it seems the point of Mr. Keh in this essay was not simply to diss the rallies that are happening after August 26. The point is to defend – no, celebrate! – President Aquino for all he has done. Mr. Keh says: “Unfortunately, some groups are trying to muddle up the issue and trying their best to spin the issue so that they can pin the blame on President Aquino. Yet, if one closely looks at the facts and the pronouncements of President Aquino, we can clearly see here that instead of being criticized, we should actually thank and support him.”

And because Mr. Keh thought it proper to give us three facts that prove how PNoy is fulfilling his promise of matuwid-na-daan, let me respond to those three facts.

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