Tuesday ∗ 29 May 2012

convicted #cjtrial

two things: (1) so PNoy can get those votes in Congress, he can rock it with the Senators, when he wants something done. (2) so sensationalist and unapologetic media can get away with being exactly those two things because they are on the side of “public opinion.” #thestateofaffairstoo

via Angela:

so, is it a moment of rare triumph for the forces of good vs evil, as in, maybe, EDSA uno?  i’m sure the president and his supporters would like to believe so, that this is a win for “the people,” good job.

but as in the aftermath of EDSA, i doubt that it means a new beginning.  i would love to be proven wrong, though, by this now very powerful president who, for all intents and purposes, it would seem, has  shown that he has the legislature and soon will have the judiciary under his thumb, so to speak, and without having to declare martial law, because in the name of “the people.” and let’s not forget the media.

now we know: what this president wants, this president gets.

i don’t know that that is anything to celebrate until we see how else he will use the power.

but i will celebrate when this very powerful president gets the legislature to pass the RH and freedom of information bills into law.  i will celebrate when this very powerful president gets the military to produce jonas burgos and general palparan.  i will celebrate if, when, this very powerful president finally gets the economy truly moving, without leaving anyone behind, now that corona the alleged stumbling block is gone.

let’s not settle for less.

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