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Thursday ∗ 15 Mar 2012

i’m-an-artist stereotype in Bacolor’s “Leavings”

which is not to say i don’t enjoy it, these small exhibits that are premised on the creative process of artists, where their artmaking is what’s pushed to the fore, and used as / become the objects of art. in Felix Bacolor’s Leavings one of the smaller West Gallery spaces is turned into an art studio of sorts, with no dirt on the floor or walls, no semblance of work being done, other than well, in the work that’s installed: on the… Continue reading »

Friday ∗ 10 Jun 2011

Balut and pinoy pride in Reamillo exhibit

Alwin Reamillo’s Ang Balut Viand exhibit is like balut: it looks like a standard generic egg from the outside, but is an unborn duck on the inside. Which is of course to say that you might not have the stomach for that sisiw literally and figuratively; or find that you actually quite have a taste for it, from sipping that hot balut liquid straight from the shell, to the process of slowly peeling the shell, and downing it whole: the eating of balut isn’t… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 13 Apr 2011

are we forgiving plagiarism?

my friend D posted this on her FB page: the tricky thing about plagiarism is that while everyone is in agreement that it is a crime, a violation, the accused is almost never able to exercise his/her right to due process, legal representation, a fair trial, an appeal. how does one pay for such a crime, really? what does it take? it seems like there is nothing in the world one can do to gain genuine pardon for an offense… Continue reading »

Thursday ∗ 04 Nov 2010

Lucio Tan wins again? (DOLE naman!)

or why that San Mig Light will taste infinitely better now because in whose mind would it be normal and rational, just and fair, to lay off 2,600 employees favouring one of the richest Filipinos of 2009. really, now. Lucio Tan’s net worth then was at $1.7 billion dollars. that’s P78 BILLION PESOS. This year, he’s second richest in the land, with a net worth of  $2.1 billion dollars, that’s close to P90 BILLION PESOS (89.67 to be exact). at… Continue reading »

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