Sunday ∗ 15 Jun 2008

a joyride with Marcus Highway

Marcus Adoro’s silence has given him legendary status—at least as far as Eraserheads fans are concerned.

After the breakup, while other members of the band remained visible, lead guitarist Adoro disappeared. A few years ago, a cassette tape entitled “KamonKamon” became available only to the fan who knew where to find it.

Using low-tech facilities, recording with only a guitar, and speaking of his new-found love for surfing and Sagada, it was clear why Adoro had yet to come out with a mainstream solo album. “KamonKamon’s” unplugged, non-commercial, raw sound wasn’t easy to sell. Not that his new album, released by major-label Warner Music Philippines, is all that different. Curiously titled “Behold! Rejoice! Surfernando Is Here Nah!” and credited to his new identity with a newfound band, Markus Highway, Adoro’s music remains close to novelty.

But it’s really more folk rock, and maintains a rawness that’s riveting, given the full band that backs him up. With barely any press announcements, no TV appearances save for a video on MTV and Myx, and no major album launch, it seems like “Surfernando” (a name that also functions as an alter-ego) has silently crept up on all of us. But maybe the lack of hype about Adoro’s surfacing is precisely the point.

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