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Tuesday ∗ 26 May 2015

#Katakot2016: Duterte

I was never sold on the idea of the Davao Death Squads executing and salvaging “criminals.” The notion that it is the failure of the legal process that has encouraged the existence of the DDS, the idea that it is the failure of the law to bring these criminals to justice that justifies these extrajudicial killings, just does not fly with me.

Thursday ∗ 14 May 2015

Mary Jane #donotforget

There are at least a hundred more Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) on death row in different parts of the world. Mary Jane Veloso is still in jail. But newspapers and programs are now filled with other issues, edging out the plight of these OFWs, and the crisis of the bagong bayani in general. Here, so that we might not forget: Where lies hope, April 29. Mary Jane and government spin, May 3. Taking credit, timelines, injustice, May 6.

Thursday ∗ 07 May 2015

third world tech conundrum: or where do old printers go to die?

where do old tech stuff go to die?

Tuesday ∗ 05 May 2015

beyond boxing

Pacquiao could have been our Michael Jordan, that homegrown boxer turned global iconic athlete. He could’ve spent time and energy building training camps and schools, to provide local boxers from all over the country with the best free training possible. He could’ve nurtured the new Pacquiaos, made the Philippines known for having the best boxers in Asia, if not the world.

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