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Thursday ∗ 12 Dec 2013

(not) back to business

The people on the plane—mostly men—were straining their necks to look out the windows as we descended toward the Tacloban airport. The site was grim: nothing but endless brown land, with nary a structure, and few trees. Landing is no different. While the tarmac is clear, to one side is a sea wall now in shambles, in front of which stands an airport facility standing only on its posts. There is no welcome to be had here, and the people… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 09 Dec 2013

silence / absence

been away from this space, and not because i’ve been at it elsewhere, as there has been stretches of times with no more words to use for helplessness and sadness and anger. the twice a week radikalchick column is still happening in The Manila Times, and that seems to have been enough of words, along with FB statuses, and

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