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Thursday ∗ 31 Oct 2013

PNoy and that legal card

this was published in The Manila Times on October 17 2013. on October 30 2013, PNoy went on live television to defend the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) by saying that it’s all legal. this piece was entitled “Legal.”  The spin is clear, and for once the PNoy government and its allies are right. All of this is legal. Right now, as I write this on Tuesday morning, Senator Franklin Drilon is on television. “What crime did we commit?” he asks… Continue reading »

Saturday ∗ 26 Oct 2013

people before buildings

In the aftermath of the October 15 earthquake that wreaked over Bohol and Cebu, with many Catholic Churches reduced to rubble, Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal has said that we must find “faith in the midst of ruins.” I say we take stock. And we ask questions. Say, why is it that the Catholic Church did not put out money to reinforce its churches? They can’t say there wasn’t / isn’t any money to do it, knowing as we all do… Continue reading »

Tuesday ∗ 15 Oct 2013


I helped out with the August 26 Million People March, with the September 11 EDSA TAYO, with Pork Day the 13th and Rock and Rage Against Pork on September 13. It was all a matter of knowing that extra hands would be useful, and while for the August 26 MPM it was clear that one person who was part of the meetings to organize the event was going on a totally different tangent, the rest of us were united in… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 14 Oct 2013

the unedited “Closer” review

NOTE: a version of this review was published in GMA News Online, which begins with a scary em dash that lists down the writer, director, lighting designer and set designer with no explanation as to why, and which uses the word “comparability” — that i never EVER use, because it sounds like … a word Rappler would use (haha!).

Saturday ∗ 12 Oct 2013

on “Der Kaufmann” … and on an editing fail

NOTE: i’ve been contributing writer for GMA News Online for the past four years, and was always accorded enough respect to have edits pass through me. this is the first time in four years that my work has been so heavily — and badly — edited, with opinions not even mine, paragraphs that establish context removed.  a version of this review was published in GMA News Online on October 6, without many sections that establish my assertions about Tanghalang Pilipino’s… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 09 Oct 2013

OTC: on the contrary (OTJ, Transit & the indie)

The truth is that while we celebrate local films, especially independently-produced ones, it seems important to point out that many other things come into play at this point as far as declaring any movie a critical success. That is, there is the social media bandwagon, where “public perception” is deemed powerful, and no one is allowed to think differently about a movie lest one is pounced on like some enemy.

Sunday ∗ 06 Oct 2013


If there’s anything that fascinates about PDAF or pork barrel, and now the Development Acceleration Program (DAP) fund, it’s how much money this country actually has. No, correction: it’s how much money government has. I’ve said this before, and I say it again: it is fantastic that we are talking about the National Budget, that we are being forced to scrutinize these numbers, that we are looking at the state of nation vis a vis the amount of money that’s unaccounted for… Continue reading »

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