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Monday ∗ 29 Jul 2013

the calm in “Owel”

t is easy to say that the homosexual relationship, if not the homosexual story, is one that’s been overdone and overtold, if not just also something that we should get over at this point. After all, in the same way that we get tired of the romantic-comedies that live off heterosexuality, there has become a tendency at redundancy for the homosexual story. It is not a question of more complex discussions, not even a call for more particularly unique experiences,… Continue reading »

Tuesday ∗ 23 Jul 2013


the question is quite simple: if Bistek’s government, and in effect PNoy himself, allowed for the SONA rally to take place, as it always has, relative and as counterpoint to the president’s State of the Nationa address, would this have happened at all? 

Wednesday ∗ 17 Jul 2013

dear Bistek,

you know that is a term of endearment, for anyone at all who grew up watching you on TV. you are rarely seen as one of them celebrities who should not have turned politician, which does mean you have more credibility as public servant. it helps that you never seemed too gung-ho about being mayor, and you waited for the right time to become so. you seemed more decent than most, is what i mean to say. but then again, what has… Continue reading »

Sunday ∗ 14 Jul 2013

The epic fail that is “Pramoedya”*

…Which, if we think about it, actually makes sense. Its subject matter is Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Indonesian novelist, jailed by the Suharto regime for his writings, the closest a Southeast Asian has come to being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Saturday ∗ 06 Jul 2013

the Virgin Labfest 9 haul

been doing reviews of the Virgin Labfest 9 plays for GMA News Online. it’s the first time in three years that i’ve made the effort to see all three sets of new one-act plays within the first week, and the full-length play early in the second week. 

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