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Sunday ∗ 27 Jan 2013

see you University of Baguio!

don’t know about the depths of non-fiction ha. baka the narrative lang that surrounds our notions of depth. see you UP Baguio!  

Saturday ∗ 19 Jan 2013

the media creatures in our midst

which is what Ricky Lo is. and yes, we can go on and on about how bad that interview was, and the wrong questions he asked, or you know, we can go the way of wanting more hits and ask people: what do you think? but what we might want to ask too is the question of why: why is Ricky Lo the one we’re sending out to represent good ol’ Pinas? why are his interviewing skills so bad? why is he… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 16 Jan 2013

dear NBDB,

in light of your website being hacked,  Andrea Pasion-Flores has said: “We are an agency that promotes books, instruments of expression. I cannot express enough how much we value the act of expression. Now I have to redirect public funds to fix this problem. It delays the announcements we have to make, such as a fabulous subsidy grant to a regional conference I wanted to tell you about soonest. I guess you’ll just have to watch the NBDB’s FB… Continue reading »

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