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Wednesday ∗ 28 Nov 2012

on pinoy pride

did this on Monday: my favorite question during the open forum, which to me was also the bravest one asked: how can we stop being silent, when everyone else is?

Tuesday ∗ 27 Nov 2012

#SpeakUp about the violence against the Pinay

Thursday ∗ 22 Nov 2012

on the working artist, on artistic labor

“<…> artists are constantly in the position of having to work in order to produce work.” here’s a project of Donna Miranda, which reminds of how artistic work, cannot always and necessarily be about exhibiting work in galleries and art spaces; which reminds of how the work of the artist, is always work to begin with, is borne of the work outside of it. it is labor, full stop. read up! hanep ‘to. ***

Tuesday ∗ 20 Nov 2012

Salvatus for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize! :)

you have to register but the process is easy enough. Mark Salvatus is one of the few artists I would do an exhibit note for in a heartbeat, not so much as a matter of friendship, but as a matter of believing in his work, the kind of thinking that goes into it, the kind of artistic vision he constantly has. this exhibit note for his “The Other View” exhibit in late 2011 is an assessment as well of his… Continue reading »

Sunday ∗ 18 Nov 2012

a quickie: prostitution ain’t witty

it was literature that taught me about the objectification of women. no, it was philippine literature that taught me about the oppression of the Filipina, the kind that objectifies her, makes her into nothing but image, nothing but stereotype. half-naked if not totally so. skin and leg and boobs and butt. image not voice. body not thought. and just in case everyone thought this witty and funny, and thought nothing of the layers of this image we’ve used to sell… Continue reading »

Thursday ∗ 15 Nov 2012

i have no specific expertise

but i thought it quite timely to re-post this piece on the Manila International Literary Festival (MILF) 2011, while the PILF (yes, they changed Manila to Philippine) 2012 is happening. because i hear they were laughing as they wondered whether i would go this year (no), or if GMA News Online would send me (yes, but i said no). because you know this year they take from prostitution and objectification of women, to sell Philippine literature. what fun.

Wednesday ∗ 07 Nov 2012

you indie? we BLTX.

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