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Sunday ∗ 29 Jul 2012

the emperor’s new what?

i do not understand this insistence that PNoy calling out Noli de Castro and TV Patrol on doing commentary instead of straightforward news delivery, is like the emperor’s new clothes. is like a kid having the temerity to tell the emperor, you’re naked sir, everyone — including yourself — has been duped into thinking you’re wearing something.

Wednesday ∗ 25 Jul 2012

ang saklap maging Pilipino

i’m sure there is truth to much of what PNoy said in that SONA — propaganda after all, as with press releases, have the facts that we need so that a google search should reveal those to be true. and of course the State of the Nation is the nation according to the government’s statistics, numbers always look better than real life, and that isn’t new either. PNoy should really just stop pretending that he is different from GMA, when… Continue reading »

Tuesday ∗ 17 Jul 2012

this book Of Love and Other Lemons

one of the blurbs for this first book asked: what took you so long, ina? and in truth, i’d like to think i took exactly the amount of time i needed. much of what’s in Of Love and Other Lemons is about refusing to write the way i’m expected to, or at least the way i did when i wrote mirrors. i read too much of the personal essay as it’s written and published in these shores, but also i read poetry in… Continue reading »

Saturday ∗ 14 Jul 2012

Dolphy, national artist

It’s difficult to imagine childhood without Dolphy, even when all he was to me was the image of a father on television, even as who I identified with was Maricel Soriano or Claudine Barretto playing his daughters in two different sitcoms, across two different generations. At some point this father image became interwoven with that of Enteng Kabisote, father to Aiza. The images are real to me, the characterization of fatherhood that was protective but had difficulty providing, that was… Continue reading »

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