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Wednesday ∗ 27 Jun 2012

cynthia and the narrative of leaving

which is to say there are many reasons for Cynthia Alexander’s leaving for Seattle. none of them is about the lack of support for her music in these shores. this short essay responds mostly to the Francis Brew piece, which painted a narrative that actually made it seem like Cynthia was upping and leaving, complaining and whining, about nation. all untrue.

Tuesday ∗ 12 Jun 2012

independence, not just freedom

because here is a nation where when you think independently, when you think differently even, when you think to critique because you know you must, when you engage in struggle, the first thing you will lose is your freedom.

Friday ∗ 08 Jun 2012

Bid Bad Bayo

Lest Bayo think that a short three-sentence apology from its vice president is enough. Lest Bayo imagines that a flurry of memes is good publicity still. Lest they are ready to milk the noise that has surrounded this “What’s your mix?” campaign for all its worth and spin it by having these five girls Jasmine, Ana, Nikita, Margo and Kharu talk about how Filipino they are, or how much they love that percentage of them that’s Pinay. Lest Bayo thinks… Continue reading »

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