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Tuesday ∗ 29 May 2012

convicted #cjtrial

two things: (1) so PNoy can get those votes in Congress, he can rock it with the Senators, when he wants something done. (2) so sensationalist and unapologetic media can get away with being exactly those two things because they are on the side of “public opinion.” #thestateofaffairstoo

Thursday ∗ 24 May 2012

today: indie books!

MAY 24 | 5:00PM | CHEF’S BISTRO!

Thursday ∗ 10 May 2012

Claudine’s cojones

Oh yes, it’s as macho as it sounds. And that’s also what informs the anti-Claudine rhetoric that’s on the interwebs, i.e., Twitter and Facebook. So in a fistfight that began between two men, the backlash has been on the one woman in the story; and while it’s been fascinating watching Raymart and Mon Tulfo going at it on television, the backlash has been more strongly against the woman.

Wednesday ∗ 09 May 2012


Saturday ∗ 05 May 2012

so late but still valid: on “In The Heights”

because i saw Jackielou Blanco in some trailer for some soap today, and i thought: damnit i haven’t written about In The Heights Manila. and then Nyoy Volante was singing on TV, and i thought, damnit i haven’t written about In The Heights Manila.

Friday ∗ 04 May 2012

beyond that house: compass &

tara sa Baguio! — Compass, a community-supported program for the promotion and appreciation of poetry, partners with Mt Cloud, an independent bookstore in Baguio, on May 19 and 20 2012. A poetry reading with Baguio-based poets will be held at Mt Cloud Bookshop on the evening of May 19, Saturday, followed by a free poetry and publication workshop on Sunday, May 20.

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