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Friday ∗ 30 Mar 2012

rappler and the enterprise of spin

when my friend TJ Dimacali asked if i had seen this rappler piece, my response was a resounding “no” just because i keep from going to rappler when i can. in the past month or so though, people have been alerting me about certain articles and kinds of writing that point precisely to its, uh, identity crisis? or just its biases (kayo na ang nagtitinda ng magnum at coke at naglalagay ng obvious PR pieces under “lifestyle” and “business” instead of… Continue reading »

Tuesday ∗ 27 Mar 2012

on #noynoying & Rocamora’s failed response

if there’s anything that #noynoying must take credit for, it is more than just that it has trended and landed in international media sites. the activist youth sector — and when i say that i mean Anakbayan — must take credit too for the fact that #noynoying has annoyed the likes of Joel Rocamora enough to speak out against it. and boy, does he speak out. and does he draw those lines like no one else has done. and boy does… Continue reading »

Thursday ∗ 22 Mar 2012

before the auction

went to the “unveiling” of sorts of the Philippine art that’s up for auction at Salcedo Auctions, and i could only be overwhelmed by that collection. i of course gravitated towards the Santi Boses (two!) that are up for auction, particularly pages of him talking about his work in his own handwriting — *weep* — in a letter written in 1976 — *sniff sniff*

Tuesday ∗ 20 Mar 2012

read those contest rules, read them well (UPDATE)

my friend Bebang Siy has experienced first hand the kind of oppressive treatment of writers over at Psicom Publishing. now it’s rare that writers speak the truth about publishing houses and contests, even as this might save other (younger naive) writers from being treated badly, too. so here, the first of the many issues i know writers have against Psicom.

Saturday ∗ 17 Mar 2012

on racism, in the meantime

it seems that we are in a bind, and are in over our heads, about this whole discourse on racism. and yet we seem to be trivializing it really, by invoking racism when we don’t understand it, when we do not even discuss it on the level that makes it dangerous, we make it even scarier than it is. so we invoke it against Arnold Clavio’s opinions about the Azkals, we invoke it against Jimmy Sieczka who did the 20… Continue reading »

Thursday ∗ 15 Mar 2012

i’m-an-artist stereotype in Bacolor’s “Leavings”

which is not to say i don’t enjoy it, these small exhibits that are premised on the creative process of artists, where their artmaking is what’s pushed to the fore, and used as / become the objects of art. in Felix Bacolor’s Leavings one of the smaller West Gallery spaces is turned into an art studio of sorts, with no dirt on the floor or walls, no semblance of work being done, other than well, in the work that’s installed: on the… Continue reading »

Tuesday ∗ 06 Mar 2012

Dear Pinay,

March is International Women’s Month and March 8 is Women’s Day. It’s the perfect time to kick-off The Be Cause. This is a tiny project that I’ve been wanting to launch as a way of dealing with contemporary women’s issues, central to which can only be the images of womanhood that we’re bombarded with everyday. It isn’t just that these images are false – if not impossible – for a majority of us; it’s also that this has normalized superficiality in… Continue reading »

Saturday ∗ 03 Mar 2012

BLTX TALX today!

Thursday ∗ 01 Mar 2012

Independent life is good for you.*

helped out with Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX) 2 which happens tomorrow, March 2, at Ilyong’s in Cubao. it’s the one independent book fair that happens in these shores as far as i know, and the one that gathers together the writers / illustrators / artists you wouldn’t see in bookstores. am launching a teeny tiny book to end the life cycle of an essay that should’ve been printed / published a long time ago. do come!

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