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Wednesday ∗ 29 Jun 2011

A script that took forever and a day

To get anywhere really, and in the end didn’t even get close to redeeming itself. Unless of course redemption is about finally – finally! – having a local romance that doesn’t end as happily as usual? But even that gets lost in the aftermath of a movie that was more than anything, a waste of talent (the actors’ and director’s) and time (mine). Forever And A Day (directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, screenplay by Melissa Mae Chua and Carmi G. Raymundo) began with… Continue reading »

Sunday ∗ 26 Jun 2011

too much Torre 1: on Amaya

i’ve begun to call the saturday inquirer Nestor Torre Day: open it on any given Saturday, and there he is dishing it out about local TV and celebrities. now this would be fine, though a bit shameless (isn’t it, to have your name appear so many times in one section of the paper, on any given day?), were he obviously keeping in touch with popular TV and contemporary culture. but this, as he himself reveals, he doesn’t do. recently Torre… Continue reading »

Saturday ∗ 18 Jun 2011

Walang K ang K-12

School year 2011-2012 is the first school opening under the PNoy administration. The government may be new, but the problems of education remain the same. The stars of this crisis are the lack of teachers, classrooms, toilets and school desks. Look at these numbers: 101,612 — shortage of regular teachers 66,800 — shortage of classrooms 2,573,212 — shortage of school chairs 135,847 — shortage of toilets These numbers are based on Dep Ed. In front of Batasang Pambansa, at Batasan Hills… Continue reading »

Friday ∗ 10 Jun 2011

the gift of elsewhere*

i grew up not really knowing what being an inaanak means, where i never had to call anyone ninang, where that didn’t mean any different from a standard aunt. but the three kids all the way in Holland began calling me such, and i realize it means something, especially when it comes with Lucien instinctively leaping onto the bed to hug me, or Francisco giving me a shy knowing smile like we’re the same age (coz we probably are you know),… Continue reading »

Balut and pinoy pride in Reamillo exhibit

Alwin Reamillo’s Ang Balut Viand exhibit is like balut: it looks like a standard generic egg from the outside, but is an unborn duck on the inside. Which is of course to say that you might not have the stomach for that sisiw literally and figuratively; or find that you actually quite have a taste for it, from sipping that hot balut liquid straight from the shell, to the process of slowly peeling the shell, and downing it whole: the eating of balut isn’t… Continue reading »

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