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Wednesday ∗ 30 Sep 2009

let’s talk about those dams!

from stuartsantiago, after a lot of research, and yes, a lot of common sense. i understand the need to focus on relief, but please, let us be clear about who’s at fault here other than nature, other than the lack of urban planning, other than squatters (na tanging salarin, sabi ni Bayani Fernando). there were those dams, and there was someone responsible for releasing water from all two (or three!) at a time when yes, the rains were enough to… Continue reading »

Thursday ∗ 24 Sep 2009

N.O.A.H. survives the flood

a version of this was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in the Arts and Books Section, September 21 2009. There is nothing like a Christian musical for kids that can get any adult-with-a-heart clapping with glee and stomping her foot to the beat. Trumpets’ N.O.A.H., No Ordinary Aquatic Habitat surprisingly did just this. I had braced myself for a born-again musical, i.e., one with a lot of preaching and conventional praise songs. Yet, despite some of these, Trumpets still… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 14 Sep 2009

when art and music collide

a version of this was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 14 2009. It was on two seemingly disparate occasions that the interweaving of art and music came to life for this writer. The first one involved the unfinished and unfulfilled CD project of the arts organization CANVAS and Ambient Media, where local musicians collaborate with visual artists on the theme of Filipino identity. The second was what seemed to be a run-of-the-mill album launch of Grace Nono, in… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 09 Sep 2009

gag her! or incredible kris redux

whatever it is that has happened since this time and the present, since her rise to motherhood and wife-hood, since her now overexposed face selling every possible product on television — since the death of Cory — i daresay we have all forgiven Kris Aquino. or at least we’ve tolerated her. or maybe we’ve become immune to her? which is really why she’s getting away with ruining Noynoy Aquino’s chances at a decent win when he does run for president… Continue reading »

Sunday ∗ 06 Sep 2009

mourning alexis

no, i didn’t know alexis tioseco personally. but i knew OF him. had been introduced to him too often. and fought with him in front of an international audience on SEA cinema. but this is getting ahead of the story. too many years ago, i met alexis in malaysia at a cinema conference. he was a resource person along withindie filmmakers raya martin and john torres. i was presenting a paper on the iconography and star creation of Judy Ann… Continue reading »

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