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Thursday ∗ 27 Aug 2009

Manila and the ghosts of directors past

The lady at the ticket booth asks me: “Ok lang po bang black and white yung movie?” When I say yes, she promptly informs me that they’ve received many complaints about the independent film Manila’s lack of color. Produced and starred in by commercial actor Piolo Pascual, this should’ve been expected. The world is in color after all. And all the films that Pascual has done so far have showed all his hunky glory in color. And yet, there is… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 26 Aug 2009

The Truth and Raya Martin

Though admittedly not the best of speakers, it was difficult not to be enamored by young independent filmmaker Raya Martin on a Saturday afternoon at the Lopez Museum. Even when he sometimes lost his train of thought, and dared speak of filmmaking as an ultimately personal thing – almost a refusal to consider us as audience. What Martin had going for him wasn’t just his youth and its contingent rebellious streak, but a consciousness about his craft that was surprising.… Continue reading »

Wednesday ∗ 19 Aug 2009

a wonder

how does ABS-CBN do it? of course we know it’s a capialist enterprise, an empire almost, that has us all bound in its cultural products and basic services. but the way in which the News and Public Affairs arm has kept mostly quiet, save for its guard dogs and mouthpieces online who have poo-pooed the plagiarism charge of stuartsantiago, reeks of yabang and hubris. because if their head Maria Ressa were smart, she would’ve already apologized about the plagiarism. because… Continue reading »

Tuesday ∗ 11 Aug 2009

plagiarism and karen davila

i say plagiarism, at the very least, is a shameful display of one’s inability to write. and think. my nanay speaks: while it was great that upon cory’s death pinoy tv was swamped with docus that revisited her exalted place in philippine history, one docu, Laban ni Cory,  produced and aired many times by ABS-CBN 2 from august 2 onward, raised my ire and my eyebrows. my ire because some of karen davila’s narrative spiels covering the period of the… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 03 Aug 2009

cory and (lost) memory

the only thing that links me to Cory Aquino is really memory. because while yes, it has been about these images of yellow my grandfather and mother carried, as her death sinks in it’s also about many other images in my head. of Butz Aquino and ATOM, and an uncle who was part of it. of Kuya at 13 asking that he be allowed to go with our older cousins to EDSA because, as he told my mother, what if there… Continue reading »

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