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Friday ∗ 20 Mar 2009

in defense of Nicole

This is a translation of the transcript of Joms Salvador’s comments on the unthinking and insensitive soundbites that have come out of Nicole’s last sworn statement.  Click here for the original Filipino version. I could not help but respond to the views this note on Nicole’s “retraction” has elicited. First, on the basis of what’s preferable or not, it is true that it would’ve been better had Nicole and her family not “backed out”, if they didn’t get tired and just… Continue reading »

tungkol kay Nicole ni Joms Salvador

hindi ko mapigilang magkomento sa ilang mga naging pahayag hinggil sa note na ito. una, sa pamantayan ng ‘preferable’ o hindi, totoo namang mas maganda sana kung hindi “umatras” si nicole at ang kanyang pamilya. kung hindi sana sila napagod at nagtuloy-tuloy na lang sa laban. sa anumang punto de bista — bilang kapwa babae, bilang kapwa Pilipino, o kahit pa bilang biktima — walang puwedeng magkaila na mas maganda at kaayaaya sa mata ng publiko kung hindi inexecute ni… Continue reading »

Friday ∗ 13 Mar 2009

FrancisM! National Artist?

it’s just too much. maybe, too soon. anyone who has seen me since FrancisM’s death, anyone who has read this blog’s past two entries, would know that I love FrancisM. that i’m a fan, that i respect him as an artist and person, that i admire the kind of convictions that he had, the lines he crossed to prove that he would die for them.

Tuesday ∗ 10 Mar 2009

today: grieving for FrancisM

a version of this essay appears in the Philippine Daily Inquirer: Mourning for FrancisM I can imagine that this doesn’t apply to many Filipinos of a different social class and generation from mine. But for a particular sector who, in the 1990s, was enamored by American pop and rap, who were at an age in which they needed a sense of identity in the context of this country, there was Francis Magalona. And this is not to say that he… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 09 Mar 2009

in mourning

the real thang is coming out in the Inquirer daw this week. but just had to get this out of my head, about why exactly i’m so sad, and am in fact, in mourning: because FrancisM just might be able to take credit for the kind of activism I found I was open to, having been exposed to him as a rapper and as a Pinoy when i was a 14-year old girl, who thought that rap — among many… Continue reading »

Friday ∗ 06 Mar 2009

memory and clemency

i will not get into the nitty gritty of this drama, the mother is in a better position to do that, and i’d rather not talk about Kris Aquino again — what i said 5 years ago continues to apply to her present self after all. but i will say this: Kris used her nationally-televised showbiz show SNN, to talk about what went through her head upon hearing what the newly-freed convicted murderers of her father Ninoy had to say. she used… Continue reading »

Thursday ∗ 05 Mar 2009

On losing the grit and grime*

*a version of this was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on March 5 2009.* It is difficult not to like these guys who make up Red Jumpsuit Apparatus even when they have easily been dismissed as just another emo band. Because in truth, Ronnie Winter (lead vocals), Duke Kitchens (guitar, piano), Joey Westwood (bass), Jon Wilkes (drums) and Matt Carter (guitar), will not presume you like them. They won’t even assume that you know them from Adam. Instead they… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 02 Mar 2009

the enterprise of the impossible

their first movie, A Very Special Love was anything but believable. Laida, Sarah Geronimo‘s character, was too giddy, too pa-cute, too over the top, for comfort. And Miggy, John Lloyd Cruz’s character, was so confusingly inconsistent: one moment he was a scary boss, the next he was someone who would go to an employee’s birthday party; one moment he was singing videoke, the next he was downright mean. the love story was also such a stretch, given the fact that… Continue reading »

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