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Monday ∗ 18 Feb 2002

Lording it Over

published in the national daily newspaper Malaya, February 18, 2002 Rarely do I see an adaptation of any literary text without having first seen it on paper. Not out of some obsessive-compulsive need to know the story ahead of time, but out of the need to find out wherea given adaptation comes from, as this does not only give one a history of the text itself, but a sense of how it’s retold through another medium. The downside to this… Continue reading »

Monday ∗ 04 Feb 2002

This Pinoy Harry Experience

published in the national daily newspaper Malaya, February 4, 2002 We were crazy to begin with, to think of watching the Harry Potter movie on its first day. But finding that it was showing in two theaters, with one having a line that would put the University of Pila registration to shame, my friend and I decided to try our luck with the other theater. It didn’t matter that we would enter in the middle of the movie – heck,… Continue reading »

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